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Optimize your operations with tailored solutions to increase your performance. With Sequoia Data, you benefit from comprehensive support to take your business to the next level.

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Manufacturing companies improve efficiency, profitability and competitiveness by intelligently exploiting the database management tools recommended by Sequoia Data. They monitor the state of their logistics and production chain in real time, identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies and weak points. By collaborating with Sequoia Data, these companies also improve their decision-making thanks to concrete data and the traceability of their logistics chain.
With solutions from Sequoia Data, retail businesses improve their operational efficiency, customer experience and data-driven decision-making. Real-time inventory tracking also enables them to maintain optimal stock levels, avoid shortages and respond rapidly to customer requests. By analyzing data on purchasing habits, it is also possible to enhance the customer experience by sharing personalized offers.
With the expertise of Sequoia Data, governments benefit from improved management of public services, more informed decision-making and better use of resources for the well-being of their citizens. Our solutions improve the management of public facilities and infrastructure materials.
Distribution centers

By collaborating with Sequoia Data, distribution centers benefit from an overall improvement in their operations, increased efficiency and a greater ability to make informed decisions based on accurate data. More precisely, this can translate into:
⁃ Optimized inventory management;
⁃ Product traceability;
⁃ Reduced errors and accelerated order picking;
⁃ Improved shipment tracking;
⁃ Streamlined returns management;
⁃ Reduced labor costs and improved labor retention.


Thanks to Sequoia Data's solutions, healthcare companies and organizations benefit from improved patient care, better resource management and more efficient use of medical equipment. This contributes to a better experience for patients and healthcare providers, in particular through optimized workflows which, using the data collected, enable better planning and allocation of resources. The IT solutions offered by Sequoia Data can help reduce medical errors through the tracking and administrative management of medications.

Transport and logistics

With the support of Sequoia Data, companies specializing in transport and logistics can improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, offer more reliable services and optimize their entire supply chain. More concretely, these improvements can include:
- Optimized tracking of deliveries;
- Simplified stock and inventory management;
- Optimized loading;
- Real-time operations management;
- Customer satisfaction.

About us

Much more than an IT consultant.

Sequoia Data is a reseller of data collection systems. These include software and hardware such as mobile computers, barcode scanners and printers. Our expert team of engineers and technicians has the expertise and experience to implement systems that optimize our customers’ operations and supply chain management.


Mobile computers

Mobile Computers are a suite of solutions including handheld computers, tablets and vehicle mount computers. They are designed to increase employee productivity and make their work more efficient. These solutions are easy to use, robust, ergonomic and durable. All are resistant to drops, cold and incendiary environments. Mobile computers are specifically designed to facilitate operations in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, retail outlets and transport and logistics companies.


Barcode scanners

Our barcode scanners are designed to scan all your barcodes quickly and easily, even under the most difficult conditions (dark lighting, damaged barcodes, etc.). Waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof, they are effective up to a distance of 79 feet (24 meters). They also offer a variety of configurations tailored to your needs, so you can optimize your data input.


Printers and supplies

From lightweight to ultra-rugged, fixed or portable, Sequoia Data offers a wide range of printer solutions. Renowned for their durability and reliability, our label printers offer error-proof labeling and easy programming. We also offer a wide range of high-quality supplies such as barcode labels, thermal ribbons and tags.


Software: integration and implementation

Enterprise management software is the first step for any company wishing to automate its operations with a data collection system. Connected to your devices, the solution is designed to manage various aspects of your logistic chain.


Other accessories

Sequoia Data offers accessories to complement its data collection systems. These include location labels for your warehousing and distribution operations. They make your warehouse more orderly, and therefore more efficient.


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We treat all our customers, large and small, with respect and kindness. At Sequoia Data, our customers are our pride and joy, and customer satisfaction is our priority.

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